POLMEK Group Sandwich Panels are composite roof and facade coating materials manufactured with polyurethane material of different thickness and density between two layers of painted galvanized sheet metal or aluminum plate.
Sandwich Panels offer the best solutions in buildings with its roof and facade assembly facility and accessory options. With the paint technology on its surface, it has always been preferred for long years of durability in outdoor environments and high level of heat, water and sound insulation in usage areas. Panels using polyurethane, rock wool and polyester (EPS) as insulation materials offer the best solution. Sandwich Panels, produced in colors suitable for your projects, are building materials that add value to your buildings.

Sandwich panels used for many buildings from factories to stadiums, from shopping malls to swimming pools; We can separate it as roof panel, facade panel, acoustic panels and cold storage panels.

Roof and facade panels are produced with 5 different insulation fillers, PUR and PIR Insulated, Mineral Wool Insulated and EPS insulated.

In cold storage panels, heat insulation is provided by using only PUR and PIR insulation fillings.

In acoustic panels; Sound and heat insulation is provided with mineral wool insulation filling.

Application Areas  :