Steel reinforced curtain wall system covering larger areas of the building facade. The profile section width is 65 mm and the cover profile width is 55 mm or 65 mm. Rain and condensation water drainage is possible thanks to the groove in the profile. Insulation is provided by the gasket section between the outer and inner profiles.  This highly durable system aluminum profile covers are used in vertical or horizontal or both glass joints. hidden wing application can be made.
It is preferred in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, commercial areas, industrial buildings, public buildings and private areas.


• Visible Profile width is 65 mm
• Vertical and Horizontal Profiles in the system have condensation channels.
• Water Discharge is provided by condensate channels.
• Profile production in all Ral colors and anodized options
• Insulated (uninsulated if desired)
• Air, water and dust sealing wicks thanks to the fact that all wicks are EPDM.
• Aluminum Profile wall thickness;  2mm / 2.1mm / 2.5mm / 3mm
Glazing up to max 52 mm
• Uninterrupted glass view on building facades with glass holder clips
• Heat and sound insulation at the highest level,
• Electrostatic painted (RAL) and anodized application in desired color
• Manufacturing and assembly convenience.
• Practical and trouble-free detail solutions