The curtain wall system makes the building appear wider (horizontally and vertically) due to the use of decorative covers on the outside of the building. In addition, visual lightness is achieved in the external appearance of the system. We produce ready-to-install production with precise dimensioning according to the drawings of your facade. 

Integrated unit types:

Different window and door systems;
Integrated facade windows with different opening types;

Openable hidden sash window

Smoke doors.



• Visible Profile width is 50 mm / 60 mm   (Project suitable profile options other than standard sizes.)
• Vertical and Horizontal Profiles in the system have condensation channels.
• Water Discharge is provided by condensate channels.
• Profile production in all Ral colors and anodized options
• Insulated (uninsulated if desired)
• Air, water and dust sealing wicks thanks to the fact that all wicks are EPDM.
• Aluminum Profile wall thickness; 1.6mm / 1.8mm / 2mm / 2.1mm / 2.5mm / 3mm
Glazing up to max 40 mm
• Thermal insulation bar 14,8 
• Uninterrupted glass view on building facades with glass holder clips
• Heat and sound insulation at the highest level,
• Electrostatic painted (RAL) and anodized application in desired color
• Manufacturing and assembly convenience.
• Practical and trouble-free detail solutions

The implementation process of the system varies depending on the size and characteristics of the project. But in general, these systems are quick and easy to install. In addition, Polmek Group's experienced team successfully carries out the implementation process, ensuring that your project is completed on time.
Horizontal line curtain wall systems protect buildings from external air flow and water leaks with infrastructure channels. Depending on the weather conditions, it has silicone and filters that prevent the hot and cold air inside the building from leaking out. It protects the interior of the building from sunlight thanks to its heat-resistant glass with U (W/m2K) values. Thanks to its highly insulated structure, the Horizontal line Curtain system provides fuel savings to buildings by balancing the room temperature by eliminating heat loss.
 Tempered Glass
 LowE Double Glazing
 Laminated Glass
 Reflect Glass
 Double Glazing
• Comfort Glass
We offer a wide range of aluminum profile and glass color options. So you can find an option to match the overall design and color scheme of your project.
Depending on the size and detail of the project, the production time varies.