It consists of pre-assembled glass units known to allow for fast site installation.  It is the perfect choice for any medium to high volume building facade. Not only does it increase the speed of installation, but it is manufactured in a factory and we ensure quality product by strictly controlling its tolerances. Assembled curtain wall installation is also well suited for projects requiring medium and high-rise systems.

A variety of design options are available to meet any structural, acoustic, thermal and air/water barrier requirements, including standard and customizable cladding configurations, extended decorative sashes, stone or metal infills, sunshade systems, integrated window washing anchors.

Unitized Curtain Wall meets the highest requirements for tightness, air permeability and resistance to wind loads. The system is available with different levels of thermal insulation and the application of different types of glazing.

Integrated facade windows of various types (top-hung, parallel-sliding windows, "hidden sash" windows)

Window and door systems

• Standardization of elements at the stage of design.
• High assembly quality, precise control of manufacturing process, final quality inspection.
• On-site mounting with fewer work operations, which significantly
  reduces the «human factor» effect (faulty goods).

• Period of construction doesn’t depend on weather conditions, as 
  the products are manufactured in the workshop.

• A floor-by-floor installation method is used, therefore, due to concealed 
  thermal insulation jig finishing works can be carried out at the earlier stage.

Internal visible profile width - 65 mm (Project suitable profile options other than standard sizes.)
 External visible profile width - 65 mm (Project suitable profile options other than standard sizes.)
Max. infill unit thickness - 65 mm (Project suitable profile options other than standard sizes.)
Max. module heigh - 3600 mm 
 Max. sash width - 2700 mm 
Thermal insulation EN ISO 10077-2:2017 - Uf ≥ 0,8 W/м2∙K

 Concealed opening unit - Yes    
Panels are mass-produced at the factory, so the components are precisely installation and easy to control the quality.
Unitized Panel is small, flexible, convenient, easy to install, maintain and replace with simple operation, short construction time and high construction efficiency.
The method of sealing the structure between Unitized Panel and traditional glue is replaced by the strip of sealant, ensuring sealing and reducing the level of pollution on the surface of curtain wall, bringing aesthetics, enhancement decorative effect.
With 3 layers sealed inside curtain wall, high waterproofing purpose. The drainage system is perfectly designed. Ability to withstand the rigors of weather.
Ensuring safety, certainty, especially for high-rise buildings. The firing of structural glue is carried out at the factory, so the quality control is guaranteed.