Sun shading systems are assembled from steel and aluminium in order to control daylight in spaces and to save energy. It has a wide range of products in different shapes and sizes.  Thanks to the possibility of special production, it provides different alternatives to designers. Sun shading systems that can be used horizontally or vertically can be applied as fixed or mobile, and in mobile options, it provides optimum shading by manual or motorised control. All Ral Coded Colour Options, Anodized, and Natural Wood coating method are applied.

• Manual and motorised system options
• Modern dynamic facade solutions
• Innovative protection against sun and adverse weather conditions
• Corrosion-resistant aluminium and stainless steel material
• Connection to surfaces inside the window opening or to the outer shell 
• Energy saving advantage
• It ensures that the sun's rays do not enter the buildings with its control
• Panels fixed or movable options
• Light and flexible
• High strength

Installation Areas :
Shopping centres
Business centres

What are the Benefits of Sun Shading?
Today, aluminium sun shading models, which are obtained from aluminium and steel materials with increasing environmental awareness, stand out as frequently preferred building materials in architectural projects. Sun shading is frequently used in the construction sector today as a part of sustainable building solutions for the future due to its benefits.

Energy saving 
Sun shades prevent the sun's rays from entering the interior spaces and thus prevent overheating of the interior spaces. It provides a balanced spread of temperature in the building. The need for cooling systems is reduced and this helps to reduce energy consumption. Thanks to energy saving, it draws attention as an environmentally sensitive building solution by reducing energy costs.

Interior Comfort
It provides a homogeneous distribution of natural sunlight falling indoors. Thus, the interior spaces gain a brighter and more spacious atmosphere and the temperature balance in the interior spaces is maintained and comfort is increased.

Control of Sun Rays
Solar shading systems, which have reflective and absorbing properties, support the control of the effect of sun rays on the interior spaces of the building. Thanks to the sun shading systems that can be positioned at different angles, users can control the sun rays according to their needs.

Aesthetic Appearance
Sun shading systems, which are frequently preferred in modern architectural projects, allow buildings to gain an aesthetic and stylish appearance. Thanks to the sun shading systems that offer different design and colour options, the exterior of the building is enriched and architectural aesthetics come to the fore.

Protection Against Sun Rays
Sun shading systems provide protection of indoor objects against the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. These rays can cause discolouration and damage to interior elements such as furniture and floor coverings. Thanks to the sun shading systems, these harmful effects are prevented and the objects used indoors can be used in a healthy way for a longer period of time.