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As POLMEK Group, we offer solutions suitable for the needs of our customers with the understanding of timely production and quality products. POLMEK,
which offers products to many sectors, especially the construction sector, in line with its long years of  experience in the aluminum sector, offers quality Aluminum Profiles with molds suitable for many projects from architectural projects to industrial areas. In addition to aluminum profiles, we export to many countries with our Sandwich panels produced in desired sizes and colors for facades and roofs.

What do we do on facades and roofs?

■  Manufacturing  ready-to-install facade or roof products
■  Curtain Glass Wall 
■  Fixed Point (Spider) Glass 
■  Door and Window 
■  Facade Cladding 

■  Technical team support



Aluminium Extrusion Profile

Aluminum profiles produced under the Aluminance brand, which has taken its place in Turkey's brand value, are produced in European standards with special molds needed in every field of the industrial sector, especially in the construction sector.
Industrial Aluminum Profiles, curtain wall profiles, insulated and non-insulated door and window profiles, sliding systems, skylight systems, steel reinforced facade systems, office partitions, composite and ceramic-stone-granite coating facade profiles are all produced in European norms.




Installation & Assembly

POLMEK Group Facade and Roof systems offer product and system solutions according to the project in international production and applications.

With the expert staff of facade systems, we meticulously examine your curtain wall, facade cladding and roof projects and offer finished products and facade solutions ready for installation (Semi products) in the desired dimensions.

Our team, which has completed projects in many countries, makes the installation (application) in different geographies and different climates in the most accurate way.  The application process of facades and roofs varies depending on the size and characteristics of the project. However, in general, we complete the installation of these systems in the shortest possible time and without compromising quality. In addition, POLMEK Group's experienced team successfully carries out the installation process, ensuring that your project is completed on time. 


Facade design and Production

The manufacturing detail drawings of the curtain wall system created by our project department are taken into production and all stages such as precision cutting and drilling with the latest technology are processed in our CNC machines and the production processes of carrier constructions and connection equipment are completed. From the production process to the packaging process, all products are controlled by quality control and are ready for shipment.  Aluminium profiles, steels, glass, heat barriers and many other products have international certificates.  

POLMEK carefully coordinates with the client to ensure that all design and architectural concepts are met and implemented into the façade design. You can choose from a wide range of products and in some cases we also offer designs that emphasize the personal touch of the project. Where necessary, calculations are included in the drawings to verify the structural integrity of the aluminum and glass connections to withstand applied forces and moments, air and water tightness, and building movements. 

Preparation and submission of drawings are done in sequence in accordance with approved work schedules. All shop drawings are thoroughly checked and reviewed by the Engineer designated for the project prior to submission for approval.

Facade Consultancy 

Project Technical Support  

Concept Design 


Sandwich Panel

POLMEK Sandwich Panels is a building coating material used for WALL / ROOF and COLD STORAGES, produced between two layers of painted galvanized sheet or aluminum sheet, with Polyisocyanurate (PIR), Polyurethane (PUR) material or Rock wool in different thicknesses and densities.

Sandwich Panels offer the best solutions in buildings with easy mounting on roofs and facades and accessory options. It has always been preferred because of its durability in outdoor environments for many years and its high level of heat, water and sound insulation in usage areas with the paint technology on its surface.

As insulation material according to the needs of the buildings; It is produced according to preferred insulation filling material options such as Polyisocyanurate, Polyurethane, rock wool and EPS.

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