Facade Consultancy

The building envelope protects the building from all kinds of external influences and gives it a modern view. The selection and installation of products such as curtain walls, facade cladding, windows, doors, skylights, etc. requires knowledge in the selection and installation of quality products with a holistic and meticulous approach.

Design development → Preliminary project → Survey study →Principle project → Concept project

 Determination of design expectations from the building envelope: Aluminum, Glass, color Theme, color, appearance, material selection

Determination of mechanical, wind load resistance - static, air tightness, water tightness, sound - acoustic, fire, lightning, smoke, thermal insulation, daylight performance expectations from the building envelope
evaluation of demands in accordance with standards and norms - EN 13830

Static and structural calculations of earthquake load and wind load in line with the requirements of building physics, mullion and transom size - depth determination according to profile moments of inertia

Solving transition details between different systems

Preparation and approval of the facade concept project

Preparation of detailed specifications for different facade envelope components

Determination of glass type thickness, heat and light transmittance values to be used

Defining facade sound insulation values

Defining the fire safety classes in the facade system
Project detail checks and prototype testing - mock-up
Control of prepared project drawings

Review of quality control programs

Checking shop-drawing drawings and making necessary revisions

Providing detail coordination of all facade systems with related building elements

Control and evaluation of the systems to be used.

Evaluation of the systems to be used, their certificates, test reports and legal qualification documents

Checking performance model presentations

Mock-up supervision and evaluation