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Skylight is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable roof systems for modern buildings. The principle of skylight is based on the principle of uniform illumination of the environment thanks to natural energies. Skylight applications in modern buildings are an application that naturally solves the lighting problems in buildings and adds aesthetics with its appearance. A second layer is formed by using aluminum profiles on steel carriers and glass or polycarbonate sheet materials can be applied according to the desired dimensions.
Skylight roof systems provide the oxygen balance of buildings by providing the best air circulation with its fixed or opening system feature, automatic and manual on-off features. Another advantage of Skylight systems is that they provide maximum savings by minimizing electricity costs such as air conditioning and lighting.
Skylight systems have been tested and proven to be reliable in terms of maximum durability against all weather conditions and impacts thanks to the highly durable laminated glass (tempered glass according to the project).




Retractable, Sliding, & Opening Glass Roof systems are systems that can be opened automatically with remote control and can also be opened manually by hand. We innovate the visual appearance of practically aesthetically unique commercial buildings and interiors.  A retractable glass roof is a unique installation; no two designs are the same and our engineers offer a choice of steel, aluminum, accessories and motors to suit your project to ensure every solution is perfect for every project.  
With our Retractable, Sliding, & Opening Glass Roofs, hinged roofs and automatic roofs, you can provide ventilation or access to outdoor areas, helping you to improve your quality of life with uninterrupted natural light and oxygen replenishment. 

• Minimal, unobtrusive opening mechanisms
• It can be applied with or without condensate channels.
• Can be fully automated and remotely controlled
• Can be integrated with a wide range of safety features & systems.
• Hinged, sliding, and pop-up varieties available
• Can be fully integrated with our additional features including hydrophobic coating and smoke- or rain-detection systems.
• System is composed of sliding modules that move over each other and stack under the fixed part.
• %100 water and air tightness thanks to its unique profile design
• Options to use with glass, polycarbonate or other panel systems
• A completely modular construction enables you to start with the basic roof and then add lighting and additional heating
• Strong motor provides uniform, reliable movement of the sliding and customised opening speeds


Single Layer Structures is an important innovation that represents a more minimalist, functional and nature-inspired design approach, moving away from traditional structural approaches in architectural design. This design approach aims to reduce complexity and provide aesthetic integrity by combining the basic load-bearing elements of buildings on a single plane.
This design approach allows architects to create new and groundbreaking structures outside of traditional architecture by pushing the boundaries and responding to contemporary expectations.
The state-of-the-art single-layer structures produced by POLMEK are composed of lightweight components, mainly auxiliary steel. These structures serve as the backbone for massive skylights, ceilings or cladding. These designs offer a minimalist appearance by avoiding unnecessary details and simplifying the basic load-bearing elements. The complexity of the roof is thus minimized