Skylight is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable roof systems for modern buildings. The principle of skylight is based on the principle of uniform illumination of the environment thanks to natural energies. Skylight applications in modern buildings are an application that naturally solves the lighting problems in buildings and adds aesthetics with its appearance. A second layer is formed by using aluminum profiles on steel carriers and glass or polycarbonate sheet materials can be applied according to the desired dimensions.
Skylight roof systems provide the oxygen balance of buildings by providing the best air circulation with its fixed or opening system feature, automatic and manual on-off features. Another advantage of Skylight systems is that they provide maximum savings by minimizing electricity costs such as air conditioning and lighting.
Skylight systems have been tested and proven to be reliable in terms of maximum durability against all weather conditions and impacts thanks to the highly durable laminated glass (tempered glass according to the project).


• Can be applied with or without condensation duct.
• Can be fully automated and remotely controlled
• Fixed or Motorized movable opening and closing options
• Can be integrated with a wide range of safety features & systems.
• Special sealing system that is not affected by moisture and evaporation
• Possibility to use for many years without being affected by the load and the harshest natural conditions, without changing color and shape.
• Can be fully integrated with our additional features including hydrophobic coating and smoke- or rain-detection systems
• %100 water and air tightness thanks to its unique profile design
• Ease of installation and assembly
• Glass and polycarbonate sheets can be applied.
• Excellent heat and water insulation
• A completely modular construction enables you to start with the basic roof and then add lighting and additional heating
• Strong motor provides uniform, reliable movement of the sliding and customised opening speeds