Installation & Assembly

POLMEK Group Facade and Roof systems offer product and system solutions according to the project in international production and applications.

With the expert staff of facade systems, we meticulously examine your curtain wall, facade cladding and roof projects and offer finished products and facade solutions ready for installation (Semi products) in the desired dimensions.

Our team, which has completed projects in many countries, makes the installation (application) in different geographies and different climates in the most accurate way.  The application process of facades and roofs varies depending on the size and characteristics of the project. However, in general, we complete the installation of these systems in the shortest possible time and without compromising quality. In addition, POLMEK Group's experienced team successfully carries out the installation process, ensuring that your project is completed on time. 


Control and completion of the project's survey and measurement
According to the isometric, dynamic and static analyses, the systems to be applied to the facade are made suitable for factory production and installation.
The surface on which the facade will be covered is cleaned and repaired and leveled. Scaffolding and elevator mechanisms are prepared. 
Steel construction is manufactured in accordance with the project in order to mount the prepared systems on the facade.
All safety procedures and equipment are ready.
Construction is mounted on the main carriers.
Coating cassettes prepared in accordance with the project are mounted on the prepared construction with special fasteners and apparatus and detailed arrangements are made.
The project is examined by the quality control teams and the project is completed after approval is given.

Systems we install and manufacture

• Structural glazed curtain wall

• Stick curtain wall

• Horizontal lıne curtaın wall

• Unitızed curtaın wall

• Steel reinforced curtain wall

• Skylıght

• Compact laminate cladding

• Aluminium doors and windows (including automatic doors)

• Sun Breaker

• Fibre cement cladding

• Sinterflex cladding